Saturday, 30 October 2010

PWE apologises for Beta 'confusion'

Doing the honourable thing PWE have apologised for the 'confusion' surrounded Forsaken World beta. Below is an email sent out to everyone who obtained a beta key:
With the launch of Phase 1 of the Forsaken
World closed beta, we have noticed a great deal of confusion regarding beta keys and how they function. We have had a record number of players redeem beta keys for the Forsaken World closed beta.

However, many of these same people have found that they can't log in to play now that Phase 1 has launched. This letter will hopefully clear up the cause for this, and address this issue in way that will satisfy anyone unhappy with the situation.

Redeeming a Forsaken World beta key has one guaranteed effect: it will get you into the closed beta of Forsaken World. However, the closed beta for Forsaken World is broken up into phases. These phases are designed to gradually let people into the game, and is not an all-encompassing section of the beta test.

Future phases will let more and more people in, until every single person with an activated beta key will have access to the game. This is why your beta key is worth having, because by applying it, you are reserving your spot for closed beta testing as it moves forward.

We want to apologize to anyone that felt mislead, or was confused over how the beta process is proceeding. We understand that there are a huge number of players that want to get their hands on Forsaken World. The time will come when anyone with an activated beta key will be able to test out the game for themselves before the launch of open beta.

At this point in time, no additional beta keys will be created. Please feel free to continue contributing feedback and suggestions about anything related to Forsaken World , whether it be the beta process or a game play related issue. We value everyone's opinions, and are thankful for the continued support offered by our community.

- Perfect World Entertainment

Whilst this apology does not really go far enough to satisfy those people who signed up for beta and based upon the wording of the beta emails expected to be playing on the 27th of October, at least it acknowledges that PWE made some sort of mistake with their communication to the majority of beta tester signups who actually signed up in excess of 6 months ago.

Only by good fortune can I keep you updated with how the beta is progressing and expect a further update on the Vampire and Bard classes tomorrow.

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