Friday 29 October 2010

Forsaken World: Pets, SubClasses and the joys of being a Beta Tester

Well I am back as promised, bearing the fruit of my labours as a Forsaken World Phase 1 beta tester and I have long awaited news about both the pet system and the subclass system.

The short story is: They are broken.

Let me explain.

To obtain the pets and subclasses you have to complete certain quests. For various beta testers these quests are broken in an unusual way and ergo make obtaining certain subclasses or pet features impossible to earn. Following my conversation with a GM in-game this has been reported by multiple phase 1 beta testers and is a bug in the current quest system. Further investigation into this phenomenon has revealed that the GM's are aware of the situation but are not going to fix it. Whilst this sounds like a swift kick in the painful parts, I do not believe that the GM meant that they were not going to fix it for the full game, more like it probably won't be fixed in phase 1... but I am exercising a bit of caution about the game because of this.

A game breaking bug not going to be fixed in an MMO? Something doesn't sit right with me here.

A male Vampire with a blood red tunic
Unfortunately I am unable to provide much information about the subclasses because each quest for the subquests available to me in phase 1 is currently bugged for my Vampire character. Hopefully this will be resolved with my Bard character or before phase 1 is finished so I can bring you more information.

As far as pets go you are supposed to get one pet from the choice of  three: The Wolf, an attacking type pet; The Goat, a pet who can self heal; and The Turtle, a tanking type pet. Forsaken World saw fit to bless me with all three pets for some unknown reason. Having tried all three pets I find them to be rather squishy but they are still in their infancy. They have their own level so they need to be trained up and need to be interacted with regularly to bestow bonuses to hem. So far I am favouring the Goat because he looks awesome :) There seem to be some more advanced features which other people have access to with pets but guess what... my quest to unlock the advanced features is bugged so I cannot get around this one just yet.

The pet window for a Graveyard Wolf attainable at level 10
*deep sigh*

As a beta tester I signed up to Forsaken World to help test the game and accept that there will be absolutely game-breaking bugs which will test my patience but it always feels like a huge disappointment when an advertised feature doesn't work for some but works for 95% of the testers out there. I have just created my Bard and he will soon be ready to take on pets quest and subclasses quests, so fingers crossed that he is not bugged too.

Hope you have enjoyed this update. Until next time!!!

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