Thursday 24 March 2011

Relic announce *NEW* Last Stand Items

Relic have announced the new Last Stand items which are tied to achievments. what do you think?

In addition to a variety of bug fixes and balance updates the 3.14 patch will include new free Last Stand DLC in the form of 12 new achievements, each of which unlock a new wargear item. Each hero will have 2 new pieces of wargear, but expect some steep challenges to unlock the corresponding wargear! The new wargear will be immediately visible in the Last Stand inventory for all players and each item’s tooltip will describe the achievement you’ll need to unlock and how close you are to unlocking it.

The new wargear items aim to both augment existing roles for each hero and also to add new roles as well. The Imperial Guard Commander will receive the Duelist Honors accessory which greatly increases his effectiveness in melee which should result in his melee weapons becoming more viable. At the other end of the spectrum, the Farseer’s existing casting abilities will be significantly improved by her Laughing Stave, a staff which decreases the energy cost of her abilities and knockbacks back enemies with ranged damage.

Space Marine Captain
Thunder Hammer
Melee Weapon
Traits: Stuns Vehicles, Knockback
Achievement: Fury of the Primarchs
Description: Neither flesh or machine shall give the wielder of this hammer pause, for its thunder rends through both with ease.
Lightning Claw
Melee Weapon
Traits: Lightning damage over time
Achievement: The Warrior Born
Description: Those unfortunate foes wounded by this lightning claw are further ravaged - a lingering charge of energy saps whatever strength is left.

Eldar Farseer
Laughing Stave
Ranged Weapon
Traits: Ranged Knockback, Reduced Ability Energy Cost
Achievement: Advanced Multiplication
Description: The psychic energy that rolls from this staff are tainted by a will foreign to its wielder, bouncing and rattling it's foes with every blast.
Mantle of Malan’tai
Traits: Lightning damage over time
Achievement: Grab Me the Paddles
Description: The battered souls that possess this helm cry out against their fate, bolstering the Farseer's abilities.

Imperial Guard Lord General
The Black Plate
Traits: Improved melee resistance
Achievement: Unshakable
Description: Designed for improved protection in close combat, the manufacture of this armor has given it an eerie, black sheen.
Duelist Honors
Traits: Increased melee damage
Achievement: A Trail of Blood Behind Him
Description: Significantly increases the General's melee damage. Only the most talented and skilled swordsmen of the Imperial Guard are ever afforded such an honor.

Tyranid Hive Tyrant
Behemoth Claw
Melee Weapon
Traits: Improved Armor, Armor Piercing
Achievement: Heavy Hitter
Description: Along with incredible capacity for destruction, these massive claws also provide an extra measure of protection.
Rending Stranglethorn
Ranged Weapon
Traits: Ranged Suppression
Achievement: Megakill!
Description: In addition to suppressing and strangling, the barbs fired from this cannon crystallize into diamond-like shards, rending through any armor the target might have.

Ork Mekboy
Leaky Armor
Traits: Chance to drop mines when attacked in melee
Achievement: Can’t Touch Dis
Description: The poor maintenance of this armor has left this Mek's gear riddled with holes. When hit, the Mek often "loses" the explosives he's carrying, to his attackers misfortune…
Zzap Knife
Melee Weapon
Traits: Chance on successful attack to teleport the target away
Achievement: The Sharpest Wrench
Description: Wired up to the Mek's personal tellyporta, those wounded by this weapon can be cast aside with a quick tellyport.

Chaos Sorcerer
Accursed Idol
Traits: Enemies take damage when attacking the Sorcerer
Achievement: Magic Missiler
Description: An accursed bauble which causes enemies who assail the Sorcerer to receive damage.
Cataclysmic Hellblade
Melee Weapon
Traits: High Damage, Energy cost per hit
Achievement: There Can Only Be One
Description: This daemonic blade was a gift from a Lord of Change. How that Greater Daemon wrangled the blade away from a servant of khorne in the first place is not known. This blade inflicts immense catastrophe, but at the price of the bearer's own mind.

More info to come!

What do you think?

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