Thursday 24 March 2011

Hands On: Nintendo 3DS

Well today I managed to get my hands on a Nintendo 3DS at a local GAME store and went several rounds with Street Fighter IV in the store whilst talking to one of the store guys there.

As you know I am not much for consoles or portable gaming systems. I still own a Wii which I don't use and I was never satsified when using the original Nintendo DS.

The Nintendo 3DS looks just like any normal Nintendo DSi from the outside and on the inside. The devil is in the detail, it's very snazzy looking 3D screen. The whole thing works quite well and you can really see the depth created by the 3D screen and no special glasses are required for this adventure either. 


The 3Dness of it all does take a certain amount of time to get used to but within 3 short bouts of getting my rear end beaten up, I was used to the 3D screen and enjoying the deeper immersion into the game I was playing.

If I was looking for a handheld console to play games on, there's no doubt that I'd go for a 3DS. The 3D screen is extremely nice with a couple of minutes adjustment period and once you've got past that stage, it's just more immersive than other handheld consoles out there.

For those of you with a DSi already, you might want to skip the 3DS as it doesn't offer anything worth upgrading for.

The Nintendo 3DS is released in the UK on 25th March with an SRP of £229.99, and in the US on the 27th March with an SRP of $249.99.

Get them while they're still on the shelves because they might go fast!

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