Monday 6 December 2010

Taking a look at what the new patch notes really mean

v. is coming and we have seen the patch notes. I am going to be taking a look at certain parts in closer detail and occasionally bringing together multiple points to rationalise how these suggestions will affect the game.
Any opinions expressed from this point on are conjecture based upon my interpretation of the patch notes. I do not have a crystal ball and my theories may or may not be correct. I am a player, just like the rest of you and I am trying to provide some insight into what the game will be like post patch, from a players perspective. If you want to flame, park it elsewhere. If you want to provide some area for discussion or constructive criticism, then be my guest. Discussion is something I wholeheartedly encourage.

These will be in no particular order and I will do this in multiple parts. It all depends on what I find as I am combing these changes whilst writing.
  • The chance of hitting an inner module (except gun) increased from 33% to 50%
  • Removed possibility when any HE that explodes near a tank to damage internal modules, except crew members.
  • The damage to inner modules from an HE that exploded on the tank armor is reduced by 50%, exception - crew members.
Taking the top two points in isolation it doesn't look like a great thing and seems like a step back overall. However when you add in the reduced effect of HE on internal modules, it looks like a positive step. Crew will be as fragile as they were before but internal module damage from HE but more susceptible from AP rounds. I am not sure whether this is an accurate to real life change but I believe it to be a positive gameplay step. Thumbs up here.

  • Gun 75mm_KwK_40_L43: dispersion 0.41->0.4.
  • Gun 75mm_StuK_40_L43: dispersion 0.39->0.38.
  • Gun 75mm_KwK_40_L48: dispersion 0.4->0.39.
  • Gun 75mm_PaK_39_L48: dispersion 0.38->0.37.
  • Gun 75mm_PaK_40: dispersion 0.38->0.37.
  • Gun 128mm_PaK44_L61: reduced visibility after firing, +20 damage to all shells.
  • Gun 128mm_PaK44_L55: reduced visibility after firing.
  • JagdTiger: 128mm_PaK44_L55 reload (in seconds) 10.4 ->10.36, 128mm_PaK44_2_L61 reload (in seconds) 10.6->10.5.
Some minor accuracy improvements to German Tanks. Both JagdTiger guns receive minor buffs and get reduced visibility after firing. These changes are relatively minor and I do not foresee these being game changing/breaking. The JagdTiger must be getting tweaked up a little in preperation for Object 704's entry into the game. 
  • PzII Luchs: reduced visibility during movement.
  • VK 1602: reduced visibility during movement.
  • PzIII: reduced visibility during movement, dispersion reduced by 5% during movement and traverse.
  • А-20: decreased visibility during motion and rest, improved pass-ability of top tracks on medium and hard grounds.
  • А-32: decreased visibility during motion and rest. 
  • BT-2: decreased visibility during motion, by 6% reduced influence of movement and traverse on accuracy.
  • BT-7: reduced visibility during motion and rest, improved pass-ability on medium grounds, by 4% decreased dispersion during movement and traverse, view range for top turret increased by 15 meters.
  • Т-26: reduced visibility in motion.
Here we see scouts being buffed after the 'warping' fix inadvertently made them much less useful and less fun to play. Wait... they are decreasing their visibility on the move? Alright, this sounds like quite an unfortunate nerf to an already flailing class of tanks. I'll reserve full judgement until I see it in action but this does not seem to be a positive step.

Stand by for part two. Let me know what you think of part one so far!

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Fai said...

Reduced visibility after firing for the Gun 128mm_PaK44_L61 and Gun 128mm_PaK44_L55 is a good things as I see many JT and Ferdi with 128mm die killing scout in Malinovka . You can try using a JT or a Ferdi with 128mm and shoot in the middle of the map in Malinovka, you are dead as the whole team shoot at you as they spot you.

As for the HE change, I am not sure whether this is an accurate to real life change too. But I know there are more tanks using medkits rather than repair kit.

As for the scout, realistic of the game may be reduce but at least scout may not extinct so fast. But, we must see how much percentage of visiblity is reduce.

Anonymous said...

Decreasing their visibility on the move

- that means that they are harder to spot while moving, thus is a buff Elcs :)


ElcomeSoft said...

I read decreased visibility during motion as " scout cannot see as far when moving".

As with several points made by the Developers, thr English can be interpreted multiple ways.

peril1337 said...

I read it the same way that Mr. Anonymous did, but we'll see. I personally love my Leopard almost as much as I do my VK and I plan to use this to my advantage. Unless I can't.

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