Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The T-54: Yet another OP Russian Tank?

After the patch we have noticed a few more T-54's, Pershings, GW Panthers and the new tanks filtering through into our fights and having played alongside/gone up against most of them, I have to say that they have added a bit more spice to the game...

But as the numbers of T-54's increase, I am hearing more and more about the Russian T-54 tank being overpowered more and more.... Is this the case of yet another Russian tank perceived to be overpowered or just a case of a community unable to adjust to certain other tanks?

The T-54 in it's current form is fast, it turns like a T-44 and packs an enormous whallop with it's 100mm gun. The armour is thick and well sloped in many places and the main T-34-5/T-43/T-44 issue regarding the flimsy and exposed ammo rack seems to have been addressed in the main.

I have faced off against the T-54 in tanks ranging from my lowly KV with 107mm to my ISU-152 with it's BL-10. In all honesty their low profile and high armour make them a tough opponent to take down but I haven't had too much issue penetrating them. They also seem to be resistant to tracking attempts and hard to pin down.

My observations have shown me that I very often damage them for 0% in areas where I would expect to deal damage. It will take a few more days for us all to see how the T-54 plays out and then form a better judgement of this tank.

So far the complainers seem to be the ones that thought the T-44 was completely overpowered compared to the Panther. It is still my opinion that they share different roles and those who complain about the disparity between the Panther/T-44 and Panther II/T-54 are those who cannot fathom how to play the Panther/Panther II to it's strengths and more often try to use it like a T-44/T-54.

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