Monday, 22 November 2010

World of Tanks releases first Newsletter!

A cry of celebration erupted today in World of Tanks when a member of staff by the name of MrVic presented the Forums with the very first WoT Newsletter!!! This was quickly followed by the questions asked by people who did not bother to read the full list of announcements in there.

What was discussed boils down to admitting the largest problem faced in the game, detection, several points about new tanks and changes to tanks such as the famous US Tier7+ Heavy Tank nerf (aka. bug fix) and the planned switching on of the EU servers again but with a soft wipe!

Things are pretty exciting in World of Tanks right now, even if some of the issues we face consistently are difficult for the developers to fix and downright annoying as all hell for us players who see it in 50% of matches.

The bit that really frustrates me is that once we choose a server with our account, we will be locked to that server. For me, I live in Europe and would love the pings given to me by the EU server but most of my friends and Vent buddies are from the US and Aussie land so they'll be on the US server. 

Why can't they let me play my account on the EU server when my friends aren't online and let me shift over to the US server when I can platoon up and rock the joint? Are they scared of me? :D

Anyway, they also released pics of the Pershing and some other new, mean looking tanks.

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