Tuesday 23 November 2010

Poll: Which Tier 9 tank will you get and why?

With the announcement that the tier 9 medium tanks are coming out soon, what medium tank do you think will be the best and which one are you going to get?

The Russian T-54? Will it be a bigger version of the menace of the battlefield, the T-44?
The German Panther 2. Can you resist an improved Panther?
The M26 Pershing. A WW2 heavy reclassified post war as a Medium Tank. Will it's heavy tank roots shine through?

Vote now and tell me why you chose that tank. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page!


Anonymous said...

Panther 2, mostly because German tanks are more my style. I like to make my presence known on the front lines.

Anonymous said...

i am using tank destroyers since i started playing, so i will stay with this class

Anonymous said...

I would like T54 or pershing i say pershing thus cause America kinda lacks medium tank firepower apart from the 105mm cannon the rest dont do too much dmg :\

Anonymous said...

Pardon the 90mm cannon well its pretty decent but the T20 and T23 still lack armor :\.The M26 Pershing was made as a heavy tank since USA lacked heavy tanks that time but it was still a medium tank,it was very efficient but came too late in the war too do any major things.I really enjoy USA tanks anyway.Um...the M4A3E8 is the single freaking medium tank that doesnt get the gun of a heavy tank.VK 3601 H and VK 3001 P get the 88mm cannon.THe T-34-85 gets the awesome 100mmD10T cannon.And the Easy 8 sherman gets only the 76mm M1A2 :\ that means the single way too beat others mediums is too circle its big and slow guns and fire at theyre rear...But if those big guns get ya your screwed.I personally found the M4 Sherman decent i could beat other pz IV,Circle KV's,Little issues with T1 heavy since its fast cannon is deadly as hell vs mediums and lights.But the M4A3E8 is really undergunned.The M4 sherman had 105mm cannon vs heavy tanks and tank destroyers(dam i destroyed Jagdpanthers with it lol and IS-3,IS,TIger, etc).The 76mm cannon is an all around gun(good for lower tier battles).But the M4A3E8 is a tier VI and wont get too be that high in the battle :\.Some versions of Shermans had an 90mm cannon(the M4A3E8 or M4A1 dont remember)The easy with an 90mm cannon would be trully awesome.I really saw that an M4A1 or Easy 8 got the 90mm by changing its turret with a T20 experimental tank well this should be in the game for the M4A3E8.

Anonymous said...

how did u get those models viewed like that?!

ElcomeSoft said...

These are pictures which were linked by Overlord, Developer at Wargaming.net. I cannot take credit for them as they come direct from Wargaming.net themselves.

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