Thursday 18 November 2010

War Diaries

So I thought it would be a cool diversion from the seriousness of the guides to introduce some sort of war diary blogs to my site.

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World of Tanks is full of noobs, pros, imbalance, balance... imbalance which is not in your favour but you still roll the team 15-4, arty who seriously have no clue what to do and cannot be bothered to read my SPG Guide to tell them that artillery should counter the enemy artillery as a priority and that my T29 tank might have strong turret armour but if a bus drops a shell on me I'm 95% dead!!!!

So every few days I'm planning to bring you some of these funny, stupid, frustrating, idiotic, legendary, freaking amazing and downright freakish episodes every few days in somewhat of a short blog diary. Hopefully it will be somewhat entertaining and provoke some discussion.

Today I'll start with something pretty basic:

As we all know Lakeville valley is a deathtrap and usually heavily camped. My team had set up a comprehensive camping post using the two raised ledges provided and I took my T29 to just below the ridge on the left hand side of the hill as you look at it. My turret armour is silly and they'd most likely hit that on the way down... if they survived the onslaught from my campers.

The enemy charged. An IS-3 and a Panther crested the hill and all hell broke loose. I popped my head around the corner only to be met by an IS-3 shell into my hull, reducing my health by a significant proportion and only grazing him lightly. My sniper squad whittled down both the IS-3 and Panther but the IS-3 found cover and squeezed past me... Oh dear!

With an IS-3 behind me and a Panther in front of me I called the help button and pivoted on the spot to bring my toughest armour to meet the IS-3. Using a specialised tactic I locked horns with the fearsome IS-3 in close combat, repeatedly hammering his turret and other armour pieces whilst the Panther had fun trying to shove shells up my exhaust pipe.... Where was my reinforcements?

Well.... they were still camping where I had left them what felt like 10 minutes ago. The IS-3 blew up in my face, unable to penetrate my turret armour, and the plucky Panther did not heed the warning. He was still so close to me and too intent on blasting my rear armour. I spun around as fast as my upgraded suspension would take me and let my thick front hull and turret armour face him.... he did not put up much of a fight then...

My valiant defence against an IS-3 and Panther had left me mortally wounded. With less than 20% HP and a damaged engine I limped back to base but it was all in vain. Our town squad had been crushed, our base was being overrun and this husk of a tank was in no condition to return in time.... a bitter sweet victory over the IS-3 and Panther soon turned to the taste of a sour defeat.

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I wish I remembered my battles, most of it is a blur.

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