Wednesday 17 November 2010

The mighty American Heavy Tanks are too mighty?

The standing joke in World of Tanks right now is how weak the American tanks are. With guns that are low penetration, low damage with fast reload speed being their only positive offensive point and subpar armour protection on the hull... could they possibly nerf these tanks even further?

The T29 Heavy Tank is one of the tanks being nerfed - Why?

At the moment US heavies tier 7-10 have 120% armor. The values displayed in game are correct but apart from that heavies have 20% bonus of additional armor.

It is bug, that is going to be fixed in 0.6.2. Some players have already noticed the distortion between the diplayed armor values and penetration test results for T 28/29/32/34.

No other nerf is planned for T-30 and T-34. As for T-32 and T-29, some minor adjustments are possible, like decrease in traverse speed and turret rotation. At the moment these two outclass both IS3 and KT.

This is a direct quote from Overlord, Developer on the WoT Forums.
If the US Tier 7-10 Heavy Tank armour is effectively 120% of what it should be then I agree that it should be rectified. For me who has just got into his T29 it's a bit of a kick in the balls but I am sure it will still be an excellent tank.

To reduce the traverse speed and turret rotation does not seem to be right. From what I have seen the T29/T32 tanks do not 'outclass' the IS-3 or King Tiger and if anything, they would be weaker against a more experienced player.

On the other hand, it seems the T1 Heavy and M6 might be getting a buff or so I have heard in the passing whispers. Good news for all of us who have made it through the T1 Heavy and M6 through sheer attrition (actually, they aren't half as bad as people say they are!)

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Anonymous said...

Bad dissapoiment i just got the M6 and im really excited too get its 90mm cannon.Anyway the T29 is an excellent tank if it gets the 105mm cannon its even more deadlier(i say its nice too get the cannon of the next tank T32 the IS tank gets the 122mm cannon also and then its IS-2).Anyway the t1 heavy is a very powerfull tank if its in a low tier match it can avalanche with its strong front through enemy tanks with impunity(carefull at STUG,SU 85,or grille,Su-5 thus).I really enjoyed that tank i got lots of times steel wall or top gun with t1 heavy getting 1k exp per battle i got the M6 in no time.With t1 heavy i always got kills in higher tier battles also destroying medium tanks,lesser tank destroyers or going for arty was great fun.The M6 gets some decent battles also,my cannon may be weak for now but its still enough too remove scouts,medium tanks and arty if i find a high tier heavy i try too ram it with my front or destroy its tracks or ammo rack so my teammates have it easier with it.Well i really hope the nerfing wont destroy utterly USA heavy tanks cause i really enjoy USA tanks even if they have some flaws i still manage too impresse ppl with them.Im excited too et 90mm for M6 so i can be an equal too KV-3 or KV1S,Il still play USA tanks no matter what but eh.(after softwipe il have an m41,T29,SU-8 yep i like arty lol and also a T20/M4A3E8 not sure lol.Il take french heavy tanks afterwards.I take USA mediums also cause i will get the 90mm for free from M6 and with my soon M4A3E8 il get 76mm MA12 for the M6 :P.
For now i have SU-5,M6,M4 sherman elite,M37 i enjoy them :P

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