Saturday, 13 November 2010

Part 2 of Phase 1 Closed Beta: PvP-fest

Well, it has been a few days since Phase 1 closed beta entered it's second part. Level cap was increased up to 30 which unlocked several new PvE goodies (pet instance and Lost Lighthouse) and also brought to the fore, the PvP.

Now, some might say that PvP is the most important part of a game. In reality most players are the PvE type and more interested in playing with friends to complete quests and have fun than beating the crap out of some random guild or random player on their travels.

I love PvP. I have PvP'ed in every MMO I have played to date where there has been PvP (or I haven't became insanely bored before reaching level cap, I'm looking at you Age of Conan!) but I don't play the game to PvP. In an open Pvp environment I get frustrated by random PK'ers who find it fun to aim for someone multiple levels below them or in a 'PvP-weak' class or build.

To me, Lord of The Rings Online (LoTRO) got this PvE/PvP thing just right. A duelling system whereby you can challenge a single player at almost any time and a large PvP area where you can have at it en masse and satisfy any random bloodlust feelings you might have.

For now I am sad to say that I am leaving the Forsaken World. The situation is currently ridiculous with the town being camped by level 30's in blue sets killing anyone who steps out of the safe zone. Even if you successfully navigate this RPK hazard, you will more than likely be killed some time later when questing or killing mobs by someone who just feels like killing you. I am a PvE player who enjoys the odd bit of end-game PvP when it suits me and unfortunately the only thing I can beta test in this current climate is how many ways I can die to the same players over and over again.

I will be returning to Phase 1 in a few days when either the novelty of PK'ing has worn off or the Mods/GM's step in and police it somehow.

Rest assured, when I get back to Forsaken World, I'll bring you the scoop on pets, Lost Lighthouse and more!

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