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Daily Quest and Daily Event Guide

Sunshine13 of the Forsaken World Forums has allowed me the great pleasure of posting their guide on my blog. All credit goes to sunshine13 for this fantastic guide to most of the daily quests in the Forsaken World realm. All work below is that of sunshine13, not my own.
Daily Quest and Event Guide

Im going to try to provide a detailed quest guide on all dailies. This might take a while . Feel free to ask questions if something isnt up yet and youre stuck

First of all, to view all your current quests press Q.
To view all your available quests press U. Doing so will open up a window that looks like this:

The first page gives you information about what events are currently going on. It also allows you to receive World Luck quests which you get three times a day when you hit a lucky astrological sign. For example, if you character is a Taurus your lucky signs will be Virgo and Capricorn. The second tab gives you a list of all available daily quests you can do and tells you how many times you can do each. The third tab gives you a list of all available quests to you including events and dailies. Please note: If you select a quest it will show you the starting NPC at the bottom of the window for easy autopathing.

Daily Quests

Life in FH Level 10
Starting NPC is Henry (55 23, 0 -12). You can do this quest 30 times a day but only the first 10 times will give you good rewards. The quests are very simple and usually involve running to an NPC and buying something. You can also be asked to kill a few monsters or do a Wish Card quest.
Reward: great experience and money, good rewards

Wish Card

You can only receive this Quest from Rio (55 21, 0 -13) if you need to do it for Life in FH. The quest will send you to a random NPC and that NPC will tell you what his wish is. You have to fulfill his wish to get the Wish Card. The quests are generally simple to do. Common issue: If you get the quest to kill wolves for meat and youre much higher level than the wolves they wont drop you anything. However, you can buy the meat from any Grocer.
Reward: Wish Card

Study Level 20
Pick this quest up from Rio. He will ask you to see Niachilo (56 54, 0 -39). You will receive a book called Learning Materials. Read it inside the library (right click) to receive Reading Experience. Talk to Niachilo again to receive a reward. The reward is another book. Right click it to receive a little experience.
Reward:very little experience and no reward

The Heptameron
Talk to Niachilo (56 54, 0 -39) to receive a book called The Heptameron Childs Smile and a Scroll of experience. This will not trigger any quest but if you go talk to Herry (58 12, 0 9) you will receive a quest called Innocence. Talk to Simon, go back to Herry, talk to Simon again, talk to Herry again to receive your reward. There are more versions to this quest but the format is basically the same.
Reward: ok experience and no rewards

Scent of a Woman/Perfumer Level 20
Talk to Rio (55 21, 0 -13) to start the quest. Talk to Perfumer (55 0, -1 -12) to receive a random perfume. Please note that this item is timed (50 minutes). Now find a male and party with him (you have to be leader). Select he male and right click the perfume in your inventory. The male will now receive a gift that he should pass to you. Hand in the gift at Perfumer to receive your reward.
Reward: experience and socialite points

The Negotiator
Talk to Rio to take this quest. It will change into The Iron Hammer. Talk to Nicolas (57 42, -1 -21). Go to Gabriel (54 49, 0 10). You now have two options: Persuade or Intimidate. I havent tried Intimidate yet but Persuade works fine and you get 5 Kind Points. Head back to Nicolas to gain experience and Socialite Points if you have that profession.
Reward: ok exp and socialite points

Cooking Tutorial Level 15
You do not have to have Cook as a profession to do this quest but if you do you get cooking points. Head to Michell (57 44, -1 -17) and take the quest. You can request a culinary handbook as well if you dont know how to cook but its not mandatory. Now there are two different versions to this quest.
1. 2 smoked wolf meat. If you get this version and dont have any raw wolf meat you can buy it off Michell under the On sale category. Right click the Campfire Machine in your inventory and wait a few seconds. Now right click the Barbeque Fork in your inventory to cook the meat. Depending on your cooking level you may bur the meat or sear it. Keep trying until you get 2 smoked ones. If your fire goes out just right click the Campfire Machine again.
2. The second version takes longer. You will need to collect Sweet Fruit and cook it. The cooking part is the same as above but the Sweet Fruit must be collected by you. The only place you can collect this fruit is on Rainbow Island (61 41, 3 25) this is the island just north-east of FH.
Reward: ok experience, cook points, random food item

Alchemy Tutorial Level 15
Talk to Luia (57 57, -1 -2) to start this quest. You will immediately be prompted to accept another quest called Mix Practice. Please make sure your Normal Chat is on when you take it and if youre lagging like no tomorrow just dont bother with this quest. The table behind Luia should now have two items glowing. The item that looks like bottles is Diluent and the big candle is Demon Dust. In blue writing Luia will tell you what ingredients to add to the Alchemy Pot. If you pick up more than one item you will drop them all and have to restart. Also you have 10 seconds to pick up what you need and place it in the pot, thus the lag warning. You will need to mix in three ingredients each time, in random order. To finish this quest you need to finish the Mix Practice twice. Talk to Luia to complete the quest and get your reward.
Reward: ok experience, alchemy points, random potion, 1 rosemary dreamland wine (gives exp but u can only drink 5 per day)

Taming: Feed Pet Level 35
Talk to Windsteps (56 40, 1 10) to take this quest. You only have 15 minutes to complete this. When you accept the quest you will receive 25 Yummy Sweet Bread, 1 Empty Flask, 1 Empty Plate. The quest requires you to feed all the bread to your pet. When you feed your pet the bread it can get various status ailments which you can check at the top right hand corner of your screen.
If your pet is Choked by Food you need to feed it Water. Water can be found at (57 18, -2 -39).
If your pet is Anorexia you need to feed it Berries. Berries can be found at (57 3, 1 57).
If your pet is Choked by Water you need to feed it Bread.
If your pet is Slight Food Poisoning you need to feed it water (this one is broken I think cause I can feed it bread while this ailment is on.
Reward: bad exp, small chance of getting an item

RM Collection
Talk to Ingvar (57 43, -2 -5) to start the quest. He will ask you to make him an item. You will need to have the profession required to make the item or buy it from someone for this daily. If you get a hard one you can drop it but you need to wait 2 hours before you can take it again. Ill go over some of the common versions.
First Aid Paste LV 1: You will need to be an alchemist to make this. It requires 1 Glazed Flask LV1 (buy from any Alchemist NPC), 8 Wild Rose and 8 Lavender (you will need Botanist to dig these plants. They can be found out of safe zone in the FH map.
First Aid Paste LV 2: 1 Glazed Flask LV 2 (buy from any Alchemist NPC), 8 Parchment Grass and 8 Date Palm (need to dig these in the Sea of Oblivion map around the big river).
First Aid Paste LV 3: 1 Glazed Flask LV 3 (buy from any Alchemist NPC), 8 Hyacinth and 8 Cactopus (need to dig these in the Sea of Oblivion map in the west of Towerpush Town)
Instant Food Pack LV 2: 1 Wheat Powder (buy from Grocer NPC), 12 Fish Meat (to make this you need to be a Fisherman. Any type of fish will work. Get the appropriate recipe for the type of fish you have from Nieven (57 1, 3 0) and prepare the fish)
Reward: good experience

FH Guide Level 25
Talk to Buckray (56 52, 0 -23) to start the quest. You only have 1 hour to complete this quest. He will give you two items: Buckray Instructions and Locator. Right clicking the instructions will provide you with an image of the location you are looking for. Right clicking the Locator will give you the direction you should go in from where you are standing. When you find the appropriate spot right click the Locator again and it should confirm your location.
Reward: good amount of experience, and 1 card

Guild: Donation
Talk to Jessica (56 53, -2 -4) to receive the quest. She will ask you to make something using your professions. If you get a hard one drop the quest and retake it.
Reward: good amount of experience, guild contribution points

Sea of Oblivion

Adventurer Level 20-29
Talk to Darina (28 28, -5 -41) to take the quest. You will get a random task to do, like for Life in FH. Return to Darina to receive your reward.
Reward: alright experience, adventurer points

Friend of Dwarf Level 33
Talk to Arie Brutehammer (20 37, -7 -36) to start the quest. You can take this quest 10 times. It gives a very small amount of exp every time but theres a chance to get random items. The quests require you to kill mobs or talk to other NPCs.
Reward: a little experience, good amount of soul coin, pyrowrath village card when you finish the 6th time

Guardian of the Well Level 36
Talk to Alan Moore (20 42, -10 -58) to start the quest. You have to kill 10 Desert Victims (very easy to kill, slow, low HP) and wait a while during which no Desert Victim should enter the well. You will fail the quest if any get in or if you leave out the gate.
Reward: random item, a little experience, good amount of money, well of life card when you finish the 5th time

Thirsty Tribe Survivor Level 30
Talk to Abilivie (24 1, -1 -56) to start the quest. You have to save 3 Thirsty Tribe Survivors. There are several to choose from so pick one that still has a lot of HP. Talk to him and he will give you a Damaged Water Skin. You have 3 minutes (or until your Survivor dies, whichever is shorter) to run to the Cresent Pond (24 14, -5 -22) and fill the Water Skin with water and give it to your Survivor. Repeat this 3 times.
Reward: small amount of experience, soul coins, random items

Daily Events

Fishing Contest Level 20
Talk to Nousen the Big Eye (56 4, -3 -13) to start the competition. He will give you a fishing rod. Note: use his fishing rod not yours. Go to the waters edge and right click the fishing rod to start fishing. You can catch:
Black crab: gives you 1 Fishing Medal
Many headed fish: gives you 2 Fishing Medal
Hydrophilic fish: hand in a group of fish (1 hydro, 1 black, 1 many) to receive 10 Fishing Medals
Hunting Gem
Predatory crab: these crabs will attack you as soon as you catch them
The quest will track how many Fishing Medals you have and give you rewards at certain points (10, 30, 60, 90, etc) that include a bit of experience and 1 Scroll of Sages.

Battle on the Ship Auriana Level 25
Talk to Gill Silenttown (59 19, -1 -9) to start the quest. She will give you three options to choose from:
Bomb the ship: Dig Cannonballs from the lower deck. Fire 2 cannons on the upper deck.
Repair the ship: Gather 5 wood for the lower deck and repair the ship.
Clear deck: Kill 3 Storm Tsunami Force. Note: I think this quest is bugged because it is quite difficult to get credit for killing one. I think you only get credit if the NPC the monster is attacking doesnt die before you kill it. Not sure.
When you have acquired 5 Navy Medals you get a bit of experience and the title Lionheart Navy Corporal. At 10 Navy Medals you get a bit of experience, the title Lionheart Navy Sergeant and 1 Moonstone Fragment. At 20 Navy Medals you get a bit of experience, the title Lionheart Navy Lieutenant and 1 Moonstone Fragment. And so on.

Gods Trial Level 20

Talk to San Juan (55 25, 0 58) to enter this event. Need a party of at least 3 people to enter and everyone has to be over level 20.
The room you enter in will look like this:
There are 6 pillars: Wind, Water, Fire, Darkness, Light, Earth. Each pillar will get attacked by monsters that you have to kill. You have to kill 20 pink Apostates to finish each pillar.
When you finish a stage the corresponding pillar will move to the center of the room.
Note: the more pillars are at the center of the room the more traps you will have to dodge. The traps appear on the ground and have various effects like slowing you down, bleed, reducing defenses.
When all pillars are at the center of the room you can kill the Master of the Trials (the white light at the center of the room).
There are no rewards when you finish this event other than a boss drop but killing the Trial monsters gives an amazing amount of experience. Dont forget your experience scrolls

Emperors Canyon
Level 20

To enter this instance you need to be in a party of 3+ people and everyone has to be level 20+. All monsters in this instance random aggro and there are a lot of them. There are 4 bosses in this dungeon all of which drop blue 20-30 equipment. You will enter the instance in this room:
After you kill the monsters turn right and you will have to kill you first boss:
He does not have any special attacks, pure melee.
After you kill him turn left and go up the ramp all the way to the cliff. Jump off the cliff and go into the cave underneath it to meet your second boss.
The third boss is optional. He only appears if you kill all the monsters in between the cave and the stairs leading to the last boss. This boss random aggroes and hits pretty hard.
The last boss is the hardest. He has a decent amount of HP and a pretty brutal AoE.
Rewards: blue gear for level 20-30, small amount of experience from the quest as well as some society points, soul coins, and 3 Red Spot Shards.

Nightmare Carnival Level 15

To enter this instance you need to be in a party of 3+ people and everyone has to be level 15+. Also, this instance is only open from 9:30 am to 10:30 pm.
When you enter the instance you will be in an empty room other than an NPC and a portal. Run through the portal.
The next room will look like this:
Talk to the NPC to accept the quest first. Then get across the room by staying in the white circle. The green area deals damage every second or so and the circle heals less often but for much higher amounts. Talk to the NPC on the other side of the room to accept your reward and go through the portal.
The next room looks like this:
In this room you have to do what Saidas wants. If he calls out your name he will tell you what skill he wants you to use and on which Strawman he wants it used on. He will do this a few times in a row. Use the same skill for all of them. Accept your rewardand move through the portal when he is done.
The next room looks like this:
Vigter will tell you what weight he wants in each circle. Protectors=3, dwarves=1, hobgoblins=1, everyone else=2. You can kill Hobglins to adjust the weight. Teamwork is essential here and everyone has to know what they are doing since you only have around 10 seconds to assemble. Accept your reward and move to the next room.
The last room looks like this:
The goal here is to collect as many Antiques as you can in the allocated time. Fireflies will sometimes spawn and hit you and interrupt your digging and Meid himself will hinder you with slow spells. When the time is up collect your reward and exit.
Reward: Game Tokens

Fort Rotulor Level 15

To enter this instance you need to be in a party of 3+ people and everyone has to be level 15+.
The room you get teleported into looks like this:
Make your way to the opposite end of the room using the paths to the left or right. The first boss of the instance is Duo. He has no special attacks.
After you kill Duo clear the room of all mobs and the final boss will appear.
Rewards: good instance to farm level 10-19 green equipment, occasional blue equipment

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