Wednesday, 10 November 2010

More Phase 1 closed beta Invites are set out!!

Direct from crabclaw, an Administrator on the Forsaken World Community Forums, additional phase 1 invites have been sent out!
Ok so I lied, invitations are being sent out right now, so you can either check your email inbox or try to log in - since all accounts have been flagged for entry that were chosen in the random drawing.

If you haven't had an email, try logging in! It just 'might' work! 

PS: You might also have an invite to Legends of Martial Arts (LOMA), another PWE game going into closed beta which allegedly starts on 24th November 2010. Doesn't this date sound familiar? Yes, it's the confirmed date of Phase 2 CBT for Forsaken World. Curious isn't it?

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