Thursday 4 November 2010

Forsaken World: Subclass Guide (Basics)

Following on from my previous guide based around creating a deodorant potion via the Alchemy skill (found here), I thought I would write up a basic guide to explain what the available subclasses are and do, mostly pertinent for those of you not in Phase 1.

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Starting from the top:
  • The Botanist: The Botanist is a cheery subclass in comparison to most. Their role is to search the game world and picking flowers which are used in the Alchemy subclass, ergo they are Gatherers. This skill is leveled up by picking more flowers. So far I have not gleaned what leveling up actually does for the Botanist, however I theory that it either allows us to collect higher level flowers or the chance for more flowers per harvest.
  • The Alchemist: Following on tidily from the Botanist subclass, the Alchemist combines flowers and flasks to create a multitude of wonderful potions. This subclass levels up by producing more potions.
  • The Cook: The Cook combines items purchased from the Chef NPC and some fish from the Fisherman class and can create food or drinks, which we all know and love. This class levels by making more food or drinks. Random mobs can drop food but this is rare and once you are 10 or more levels above that monster, they will stop dropping ingredients. Sweet milk is a very popular drink produced by the cook.
  • The Fisherman: The  Fisherman finds a bit of water, takes out his fishing rod and... catches fish. Fish combine very well with the Cook class who can create consumable foods from fish. This subclass levels up by catching fish though so far I have not figured out what the increased allows to do better or different. There are fishing events which run every so often and are great fun! Secret tip: Cod sells well!
  • The Socialite: I have not explored the Socialite subclass yet. This is supposed to allow you access to certain quests or rewards that are not available to people without this subclass.
Extra job points to unlock more subclasses can be earned via various quests around the Forsaken World game world.

Hopefully that sheds a little more light on what subclasses are capable of and maybe even help you to decide what subclasses you want to pick for your characters.

Please leave a comment and tell me what subclasses you are going for with your characters.

Check out my other Forsaken World previews and guides.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the guide.
However I must add that job points can be earned in different ways.
1.You get 1 point every 10levels
2.The yellow quests from your quest log may also reward you with points.
3.You can get extra points, by answering correctly to questions asked by the Rosemasons. For example..Ingvar might reward you with 1 point.

For leveling socialite, it seems that doing your quests and especially the daily Freedom Harbor Life and the ones from Rio give you experience to level it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, good info- I'm excited to try out Tamer at lvl 35-- personally i keep some extra characters around lvl 15-25 to get drops and ingredients free. Once you get higher level items from cooking/alchemy - selling at the auction is a good way to get money :)

Anonymous said...

thanks guy you make me happy

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