Wednesday 3 November 2010

Forsaken World: Crafting Guide

From my observations over the course of phase 1 beta from in-game, over the forums and the websites I frequent, there seems to be a lot of people unsure of how to craft and a boatload of the unlucky people who didn't make it into phase 1 desperate to see more detail on how it works and the mechanics of it (for training porpoises and other pets... see what I did there?)
To start off below you will find a screenshot of the subclasses available in the game of which 5 are available to phase 1 tester; the Botanist, the Alchemist, the Cook, the Fisherman and the Socialite. This is as better know as the Job Menu.

For the purposes of this guide we will focus on creating an item from the Alchemist subclass.

Firstly, we want to open the Job Menu as shown above  by pressing the 'O' button in-game and we want to click on the skill we wish to use which in this instance is the Alchemist. Doing so opens a new window with a list of Alchemy recipes that you have learned broken down into categories (picture shown below). 

Pressing on one of the little '+' symbols opens up that category to allow us access to all of the recipes we know from that category. For the purposes of this guide we need to open up the 'Potion' Category and highlight the 'Deodorant' recipe.

On the right hand side of this window you will notice that the potion we wish to make (Deodorant) is at the top and the ingredients required to produce 1 bottle of this potion are shown below the line. In this case I do not have enough ingredients to complete the deodorant recipe, requiring 1 more Glazed Flask LV1 to do so.

Assuming I had the Glazed Flask LV1 I would then press the 'Produce' button, ghosted out in the above image, to produce 1 Deodorant potion. If I wanted to produce as many Deodorant potions as I have ingredients for, pressing 'Consume All' will do that task for me.

The observant amongst you will have noticed that I have an 'Essence' bar. This is essentially an energy bar which reduces as you perform crafting actions such as producing a potion or doing a spot of fishing. Essence recovers naturally over time and my observations have shown that Essence recovers at roughly 12 per hour whilst you are online and about 3 per hour whilst you are offline. Either way you will have a steady stream of 'crafting energy' coming in throughout your travels. I would imagine that being able to make ~12 pots in a 1 hour long instance could come in handy if someone is running short!

This concludes my basic crafting (Alchemist) guide and I hope you will leave a comment if you have found it useful or wish to add something pertinent to my guide.

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