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Forsaken World: MEDIC!!! Err I mean PRIEST!!!

This guide was compiled by one of my friends and a user of the Forsaken World forums, who also participates in Phase 1 of their closed beta testing. Their wish was for me to use my blog as a platform to present their guide.
In Forsaken World, Priests are represented by two races: Humans and Elves. The debate on which of these two will be better as Priest are still continuing. However, I am fond of Elves. They have that elegance other races generally don't. There's something so mystical about them. And let's face it, Elves look classy as well.

In the following guide you will be shown the skills an Elf possesses, the Talents you can invest in, what to expect from this class and how to become a Professional Elven Priest which everyone will want to have in their party.

Part 1.
Skills and Talent Builds.

Seeing how Priests' skills deal the lowest damage encountered in this game, I don't recommend investing in a PvP build. Sure, you can refine your armor, weapons, add all the physical defense items you can think of, but it will not do a lot of good.

Same goes for Hybrid Build. You can remain a Pure Healer and still do your quests. Read on.

Holy Strike - Light elemental skill. Does 100% Basic damage with bonus additional damage.

Heal - Heals target, chance to double the healing amount. Healing effect is at max when caster's mana points is at 75% and above.

Icicle Strike - Water Element skill. Deals 100% basic damage with bonus additional damage and lowers target's movement. From what I read, this is Priest's main DPS skill.

Blessing of Life - Buff skill. Increases party's maximum health point.

Revitalizing Light - Revives target. Can only be used when caster is not engaged in battle.

Blessing of the Winds - Increases target's movement speed.

Light from the Heavens - According to caster's maximum health points, heals party members' health point. Can be used when in silent or stunned status.

Sacred Oath of Secrecy - Water element skill. Deals 100% basic damage with bonus additional damage and chance to drain target's mana points.

Healing Light - Heals target, target's health points will gradually be healed over a period of time. Chance to gain double the effect.

Mental Strength - Passive skill. Increases mana point.

Punishment of the Gods - Decreases target's attack and all elemental resistance.

Heavenly Shield - Target gains a protection buff which will take in some damage received.

Strike of Punishment
- Light element skill. Deals 100% basic damage with bonus additional damage and decreases target's Light resistance.

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Talent Builds

You can of course make your own build. These are nothing more than examples.

Part 2.
Leveling. Usual gameplay.

We're not slow levelers, not by far. Just pick a good DPS pet for normal questing. I recommend the wolf.  It will do the damage for  you, since your attacks are low.
  • Ramsey is a Hybrid pet with a Selfheal of 25% hp on a 1min cooldown. (ok DEF, ok ATK). 
  • Wolfie is a DPS pet with a Defence debuff skill (super ATK, low DEF). 
  • Turtle is a TANK pet with a 5 sec BUBBLE skill on a 3min cooldown. (super DEF, low ATK).
Potions will be your best friends. Starting from level 30, they are no longer available for purchase at the NPC so your only options are to either make them or buy them.

Let's assume for a minute you're not rich and not using real life cash either. Learn Alchemy and Cook. Alchemy potions are quite easy to make.

For lvl1 Alchemy, harvest lavender every time you see any around. 1 lavender means 1 potion that restores 850MP. For lvl2 Alchemy, you need 1 kelp and 1 undead essence for 1 potion, but it restores 1250MP.

For Cook, all I ever need is Sweet Milk. Now note that this sweet milk can't be used in combat mode. Unlike potions, you need to sit down and let your MP replenish. This I consider to be a disadvantage as you can hardly ask your party to stop every 5 minutes and let you sit to drink. Better stack up on potions instead of drinks, and only use drinks when you solo or at the very beginning/end of a dungeon.

Save MP. Don't heal suicidal people. Don't spam heals either. Monitor their HP and heal when they need it. A lvl 4 heal recovers 1.5k HP. That's pretty much half the HP of some classes in FW. No worries if their HP is not 100%. Let it drop, but never under half, then you can heal.

Also, use your MP drain skill. Surprisingly, it recovers around 25% of your MP. It's a lot. Use it whenever you can, saves pots.

Let your pet tank. Heal it when it's necessary. To prevent stealing aggro, use the auto-hits, that have no MP cost. If it takes too long to kill this way, pick a high damage dealing pet. Such as the wolf. Not to worry, it is a good tank. You can heal and BUFF your pet.

At level 30 you can experiment with all sorts of different new pets, see what suits you best. Also, pay a visit to Rachel, the Pet Guide and get your free daily pets. Let them hatch (you get 3) and hope for a green one. Those have additional or better stats and can make your life easier.

Priests are always needed. You will hardly have trouble finding a party to do something. Just be prepared, have more than 50 potions on you and your pet around. Set it on defense. If a mob or boss attacks you, your pet will automatically target it and start hitting. I have managed to tank lvl 38 elite mobs, with my level 24 normal wolf. It's not that difficult.

Learn how to lure. Sometimes your targets will be surrounded by aggressive mobs. They are marked with 2 swords above their head. Generally elite mobs, bosses, world bosses, dungeon/instance mobs, some level 36 mobs I've seen...and that's it at the moment.

How do you lure? You set a target and command your pet to attack. After its first hit, tell him to come back to you (white whistle button), but do NOT dismiss it (from my experiments, the target recovers HP and ignores you, instead of coming to kill you). The target will follow him and you can kill in peace.

Make a habit out of collecting obsidian shards, moonstone fragments, dim shards etc. Use them to acquire blue gear from the Mysterious Merchants (near the ship, at the dockyard) and to refine your gear and weapon.

Note that weapons can only be obtained from bosses, not from these NPCs. So that's pretty much all you will have to farm for. Sell to NPC or to other players any green armor. Blue is easy to get and so much better.

Also, if you have more than 1 piece of an armor set, you get extra stats. It's good to have 2-6 pieces of that same set. Easy to obtain and gets you bonus HP, extra defense, accuracy etc.

Refining your gear and weapon also gives them extra defense/attack points. For every 3 levels of refines, you get a gem socket. Refining does not cost a lot. A mere 5 dim shards for every 100% success refining. You can try with less, but since they are easy to get, why risk? 4 dim shards are ok too, since the success rate is above 85%.

For all other levels I will provide info later on, when they raise the cap levels and we have access to more parts of the game.

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