Wednesday 27 October 2010

Congratulations! Forsaken World Phase 1 Closed Beta Tester!

The wait is over! Congratulations! You are now officially one of the lucky few selected to enter the first phase of Forsaken World's closed beta starting on October 27th.

Yes, ElcomeSoft is one of the very few selected players to participate in  Phase 1 of Closed Beta Testing for Forsaken World, a new and upcoming MMORPG from those talented guys over at Perfect World International.

Phase 1 Beta testing starts at 11pm UK time and ElcomeSoft will be starting off with the Vampire class, a hybrid damage dealer and healer who has various crowd control abilities and can sacrifice their own health to deal additional damage to their foes. Just hoping those Twilight fans don't ruin the class :)

I'll be updating you with my findings as I go. This Western-style MMO seems to have wings.

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