Friday 24 September 2010

The Grand Opening

Well, it's taken me a while but finally I have organised a nice blog page for ElcomeSoft...

On that note, welcome to ElcomeSoft.

My name is Neil Elcome and I am a young gentleman from the North East of England with a love of technology and games. I've always had an affinity with technology ever since the old ZX Spectrum, games on cassette and the trusty bag of peas to stop it overheating to the Amiga 500/1200 era and now predominately the PC. I even dabble with consoles who are introducing some fabulous and must-have games of late.

So I have decided to create ElcomeSoft... a blog for technology and games.

You will find ElcomeSoft on Facebook and on Twitter on which I will post updates and I have a YouTube channel on which I will be posting some of the best trailers and videos relating to technology.

I hope you all enjoy reading what I have to say... or at least enjoy the videos I post!

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