Saturday 28 May 2011

Space Pirates And Zombies Patch Notes 0.9.005

MinMax Games have just released a patch for their game, Space Pirates And Zombies (aka. SPAZ), and it was on time. This is a great sign for things to come with this beta game and the list of fixes and changes is quite extensive as you can see below:


• New resource loading scheme with multi part loading to prevent not responding errors and to increase loading and re-loading speed.
• Added game configuration screen before loading commences
• DirectX compatibility mode for cards with OpenGL issues (is slower, but may resolve some compatibility problems)
• The game now pauses on minimized and on loss of focus
• Full screen toggle on alt-enter (takes about 7 seconds)
• Alt-Tab speed vastly improved
• Rez pickup by beacon that is off screen is fixed
• Mission tuned for difficulty: “The Hijack” (Pandora’s box base defense)
• Lots of spelling/grammar fixes
• Double hammerhead spawn in Big Fish fixed
• Starting up SPAZ a second time while not rebooting machine has a huge initial loading speed increase.
• Large and Huge SRMS are now forward facing
• New tactics panel mouse over info for ships. Shows much more detailed data.
• Loading hint system
• Zombie Hives (the largest stations) have lower health.
• Fixed bribing past the initial Titan gate.
• Now get a FULL refund when refitting a ship at maximum mothership Rez.
• Increased the number of ambient quests in systems
• Increased quest rewards (rez and data) mainly at the top end.
• Made goons easier to recruit (they get spaced less often)
• Fixed empty hull unlock/component unlock callout
• Created a fallback area in Chapter 4 to allow for some mining to re-establish the fleet.
• We allow faction relation improvement through bribing down to the enemy level. So only Hate causes a no bribe situation now.
• No docking with a cascade exploding station
• Destroying any station higher than level 0 will increase your relations with the other faction. (a good way to resolve hate situation with the other faction)
• Fixed using hotkeys to construct ships during mass retreat
• Mining tractor (small one) works like other tractors now and picks up data and goons.
• Reworked the freighters basic design to remove weapons that the player may not have acquired.
• Datacube lifespan increased
• Stopped events from spawning into empty instances you are traveling to as you are in transit. It was a confusing surprise.
• Fixed broken firing on ships with a combination of constant beams and projectiles.
• Accelerated build time when not in combat.
• The basic engine upgrade is always in Proxima now. No more getting stuck with surplus garbage
• Cloaking shielding is MUCH More powerful. It can take a decent amount of punishment before collapsing.
• Drones no longer need to re-arm at the hangar.
• Cloaked drone bays contain as many drones as non cloaked bays
• Drone construction and launch times improved especially with higher level research
• Drone health modifications. Zappers = low, Fighters = med, Bombers = High
• Minimum galaxy size set to 150 stars to prevent overly grindy scenarios.

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