Saturday, 14 May 2011

Small in-depth guide of the SPG's of World of Tanks.

SPG Guide by DarkBurrow (EU)

These are just things ive picked up while playing to optimize my own performance.

So, here you are in your artillery starting your first or you 1000th game, but still havent had the urge to find the best way to get reach your optimum performance?

This is me in my M41 Artillery waiting for the game to start and take my position on this map. 
Click here for the "best" positions for SPG's on various maps.

How to aim!

I've changed some settings on the HUD so i have a Cross in the middle.
You want this cross to aim below the turret closest to you and the dot to be on the ground behind the tank for the best chance to hit. This is not always possible as in shown on the screenshot. My dot is on the ground which gives it a higher chance to get a hit (Otherwise it might fly over.) 


To further explain how the trajectory works i took similar screenshots of the same position as the first screenshot on my own T29. Notice how the trajectory is in the "mid" of the tank, which in turn means it will have a higher chance of hitting it.

Another screenshot showing if you would've had the cross on the turret the dot would be on the ground but the trajectory has less mass to hit.

Shall we take a look of the outcome with this?

This is the screenshot i took right after i aimed on him in the illustrations above. First hit. you can see the yellow'ish line right next to the green trajectory-line.

Second hit! Someone else finished him off, but that's not the important thing in WoT-public, its about how much dmg you can possibly accumulate. THAT'S where the REAL exp lies.

That covers how to aim on Visible tanks, now onto a small Blind-shot part :P

On this screenshot i have found an enemy artillery that revealed his position by shooting which is shown.

Like it says on the numbered informational strips of text on the screenshots nr 4 & 5 are the most important ones here.

You put the reticle closest to you (nr 4.) about where the the SPG's front is (Roughly) and the dot like usual on the ground "behind" it
You kind of "fit" the tank between the reticle and dot for the SPG's to be in your shots trajectory-path for the highest chance to hit

Here's just a filler-screenshots of me taking the aim on the target and firing a shot. You can notice i have fired a shot since the reticle-dots are red, which means i have no new shot reloaded yet! 

And here i killed him cleanly. One thing to remember when your blindshooting!
After you shoot, you will notice something. The shot you fired will on HIT, show nothing but the trajectory of your own shot, but on a miss it will show an explosion. When you see an explosion you have missed BUT, you might've hurt him with the splash damage of the shot (Unless its too far off, without prem-ammo that is) 

This concludes this minor guide on how to aim on Visible and invisible targets!

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