Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Retribution: Collector's Edition Owners Bonus Coming...

Relic make an announcement over  the Collector's Edition and the Wargear DLC's which were available over Steam for a limited time.
"Firstly, thank you to each and every one of you for your support of Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II: Retribution and for making the launch a success.  
Unfortunately we did see a lot of feedback from some disgruntled customers who had bought the Collector’s Edition under the assumption that the race packs were exclusive to that particular version of the game.  While we had communicated that the race packs were not exclusive to the collector’s edition and would be available for a nominal fee to any Dawn of War fan at launch, it was never our intention to upset people who only bought the collector’s edition for the digital unlocks. 

Because we appreciate the feedback you give us as part of our community and because we value your support, we are going to be giving all those customers who ordered the Collector’s Edition a special bonus within the next few weeks.  Keep your eyes peeled for further information and in the mean time enjoy the game."

Well, as an owner of the Collector's Edition, I am quite happy at the news that I am getting some additional content for free. The only reason I have the Collectors Edition is because sold the Collector's Edition for £26.86 and guarunteed that I would have it in time for release, and Steam were charging £29.99 for Retribution plus a singe race pack.

For quite some time now, I was aware that Relic/THQ would be selling the race wargear packs as a DLC to the game after release and thought that it was quite a good idea, assuming that they'd keep the price down (which they did!)

It seems to me as if some people missed this, got angry at Relic/THQ and caused a furore which has resulted in the 'All Wargear DLC' being removed from Steam and Relic/THQ issuing the above statement. And of course, those people who intended to buy the All Wargear DLC from Steam are now, understandably, up in arms over the whole thing.

I honestly have to stand on the side of the people who expected to purchase the Wargear DLC after release. It was announced into the public domain that this would happen and that the Wargears were not going to be exclusive to the Collector's Edition so I'm afraid that those who thought so, were gravely mistaken. I think this whole situation has been perpetuated by the fact that Digital River has let down THQ and as a consequence, many people who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition from have received them late or still haven't received their copy.

Several forum posts have been started on these issues:

What do you think of it all?

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Also as a snippet, Relic posted this for us. Enjoy!

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