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World of Tanks v. Patch Notes

v. - v.

- Added new maps: "Ruinberg" and "El Halluf".
- Added new battle mode: the "Tank Company Battle". A company of tanks with sum of tiers from 60 to 90 will get into a company waiting list where it will be randomly assign an opposing company.
- Added voice chat based on the Vivox technology. It works only for platoons in random battle, for companies in tank company battles and for training battle. The feature is still in testing hence is implemented with minimal settings.
- Added achievements: "Reaper", "Invincible", "Survivor", "Raider", "Master Gunner", "Kamikaze",
- Added medals: Kolobanov's medal, Billotte's medal, Fadin's medal, Wittmann's medal, Orlik's medal, Oskin's medal, Halonen's medal, Burda's medal.
- Added full dynamic shadows. The option is located in settings "Enhanced shadows". The shadows are in the testing mode so there is a possibility of artifacts.
- Added new interface for repair and resupply of consumables - "Service": added possibility to automatically replenish consumables and to repair the tank after coming out of the battle, possibility to quickly replenish consumables, ability to change the sequence of shells.
- Added controls settings in the game settings.

- The doubled experience for the first battle (in a day) on each tank now is given not for the first battle, but for the first victory on the tank..
- Training battle does not count as the first battle anymore for the purposes of the doubled experience.
- The chance of hitting an inner module (except gun) increased from 33% to 50%.
- Removed possibility when any HE that explodes near a tank to damage internal modules, except crew members.
- The damage to inner modules from an HE that exploded on the tank armor is reduced by 50%, exception - crew members.
- Change experience transfer from a group of tanks. The experience from all tanks is collected so all tanks left with zero experience and then it is transferred. The remaining under 25 experience is placed on the last tank on the list.
- "Scout" is now awarded only if the team won.
- "Sniper" is now awarded if during the battle there was no friendly damage.
- The top tanks in the battle roster are now balanced not by the level but by the match-making "value", which considers type of the tank.
- The coefficient of heavy tanks for the match-making calculations is increased from 1.3 to 1.45.
- Reworked tank distribution tiers in battles.
- Fixed ability of lifting fallen trees with tank.
- Removed possibility of driving beyond the edge of the map during lag spikes.
- Fixed tank spawns considering type of the tank (SPG in Malinovka, etc.).


- Fixed FPS drops during rendering of track prints.
- Fixed lags when destroying objects.
- Improved auto-configuration of graphic settings.
- Experimental feature. Limited speed of rendering in the loading screen, this should improve loading time for slow computers.
- Added some optimizations which suppose to end single sharp falls and dips in FPS.


- Multiple fixes of tanks' models and textures.
- Set a normal speed of track rotation on all tanks.
- Reworked and added destruction of some objects.
- Fixed some spots on the maps where tanks would get stuck or couldn't pass.
- Modified base flagpoles and flag animation.
- Added removal of rendering for some small objects at long distances.
- Reworked shot sounds of some guns.


- Changed system notifications in the hangar.
- Fixed changing music volume level which worked only for battles.
- Multiple small interface changes.
- Added hints-tooltips on interface elements in hangar.
- Fixed purchasing a tank with a slot in hangar without warning.
- Fixed bug with filter "Location" in barracks switches by itself.
- Fixed invite notification, if the player is in the battle at that moment.
- Added display of User Agreement after the client launch.
- Added turning on/off of "after death" post-effect in settings.
- Removed ability to lower camera beneath the water level.
- Now after purchasing premium, hangar immediately updates to premium.
- Fixed UI bug when researching several vehicles and/or modules in a row using free experience

List of tank specs changes:


Gun 75mm_KwK_40_L43: dispersion 0.41->0.4.
Gun 75mm_StuK_40_L43: dispersion 0.39->0.38.
Gun 75mm_KwK_40_L48: dispersion 0.4->0.39.
Gun 75mm_PaK_39_L48: dispersion 0.38->0.37.
Gun 75mm_PaK_40: dispersion 0.38->0.37.
Gun 128mm_PaK44_L61: reduced visibility after firing, +20 damage to all shells.
Gun 128mm_PaK44_L55: reduced visibility after firing.

PzII Luchs: reduced visibility during movement.
VK 1602: reduced visibility during movement.
PzIII: reduced visibility during movement, dispersion reduced by 5% during movement and traverse.
Pz III/IV: by 5% improved pass-ability on medium grounds, dispersion reduced by 8% during movement and traverse.
Pz V-IV: chassis rotation is matched with Panther's.
Tiger II: mantlet armor for top turret 65->100.
JagdTiger: 128mm_PaK44_L55 reload (in seconds) 10.4 ->10.36, 128mm_PaK44_2_L61 reload (in seconds) 10.6->10.5.
VK 4502: mantlet armor for stock turret 120->160, mantlet armor for top turret 120->180.


Gun 37mm_M-6_L53: price in credits 8350->2500.
Gun QF_6_pounder_Mk_III: penetration: AP 89->110, APCR 145->180, accuracy 0.4->0.38.
Gun 75mm_Gun_M3_L37: dispersion 0.38->0.4.
Gun 75mm_Gun_M2_L28: dispersion 0.39->0.41.
Gun 76mm_Gun_M1A1: reload (in seconds) 3.2->2.85, dispersion 0.37->0.38.
Gun 76mm_Gun_M1A2: dispersion 0.34->0.35.
Gun 90mm_Gun_T15E2M2: dispersion 0.33->0.32, reduced dispersion during turret traverse.
Gun 105mm_Howitzer_M2A: reduced aiming time by 15%.
Gun 105mm_Howitzer_M4: reduced aiming time by 15%, HEAT penetration 60->53.
Gun 120mm_Gun_T53: aiming 3.0->2.4, reduced dispersion during turret traverse.
Gun 155mm_Gun_T7: aiming 3.0->2.7, significantly reduced dispersion during turret traverse.

Engine Wright_G200_m_781C9GC1 level 8->7, price in credits 72380->47600, chance of fire 0.2->0.25.

T29, Т32, Т34, Т30: fixed error with discrepancy between displayed and actual hull armor. Actual armor decreased by 20%.
M6, T1: reduced experience cost Wright_G200_m_781C9GC1 19800->10900.
Т-57: pass-ability reduced by 10%, reduced traverse speed by 2 degree/sec, decreased accuracy during movement and turning by 3%.
Т2 lt: reduced repair cost by 30%, increased ammunition capacity of 20mm gun.
M7 Priest: 105mm_Howitzer_M - reloading time decreased 13.95->11.76 (in seconds).
RamII: reduced repair cost by 20%.
Т14: reduced repair price by 5%.
T29: increased visibility of the tank, by 5% increased influence of movement and traversing on accuracy, 105mm_Gun_T5E1 - reloading (in seconds) 9.5->10, by 10% reduced speed of traverse for top turret, fixed display of frontal armor for both turrets, changed guns ammunition.
Т32: by 5% reduced pass-ability on medium grounds, by 8% decreased accuracy during movement and traverse, by 6 deg/sec reduced traverse speed of first tracks, by 2 deg/secк - of second, 105mm_Gun_T5E1 reload (in seconds) 9.38->9.4, changed guns ammunition.
Т34: changed guns ammunition.
Т30: changed guns ammunition.


Engine V-2-54: increased horsepower by 20 h.p.
Gun QF_6_pounder_Mk_III: AP penetration 89->110, APCR penetration 145->180.
Gun 76mm_S-54: dispersion 0.4->0.36.
Gun 76mm_S-54_S: dispersion 0.37->0.34.

А-20: decreased visibility during motion and rest, improved pass-ability of top tracks on medium and hard grounds.
А-32: decreased visibility during motion and rest.
BT-2: decreased visibility during motion, by 6% reduced influence of movement and traverse on accuracy.
BT-7: reduced visibility during motion and rest, improved pass-ability on medium grounds, by 4% decreased dispersion during movement and traverse, view range for top turret increased by 15 meters.
Т-26: reduced visibility in motion.
Т-34-85: by 20% improved pass-ability on medium and good grounds.
Т-43: by 9% decreased influence of movement and traverse on accuracy.
Т-44: by 5% decreased influence of movement and traverse on accuracy, by 25% increased durability of tracks.
IS-4: armor: hull-upper plate 120->140, driver's lug 120->160, rear-upper plate 120->100.

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