Monday 15 November 2010

Will you be pushing for the Pershing?

Over on the WoT forums Overlord, a Developer, has announced that they have been working hard to bring us the M26 Pershing, a Tier 9 American Medium Tank. An iconic American tank alongside the Sherman, it will surely be a fans favourite and give the T-44 a run for it's money!

The iconic M26 Pershing (Picture from the World of Tanks Forum, thanks Overlord!)

Whilst there is no ETA for this magnificent tank, it seems to be 'almost' ready so I'd be saving up all of that free experience right now so you can unlock it as soon as humanly possible!

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Thread Creator: Overlord


Anonymous said...

Nice a new USA medium tank the M26 was very powerfull but came too late in the war.It will definately be an equal too T54 and Panther II.I really liked the iconic M4 sherman,M4A38 is undergunned thus and im working for T20 :P.Pershing will be awesome

Anonymous said...

Well it is equal to the panther II but not to the T54 the russian tanks are simply better in this game...

Anonymous said...

Russian mediums are good dogfighters :P.German ones are good snipers thus they can try too circle the opponent(I KNOW THEY AINT MADE FOR THAT)but its still better than sitting better just try it.And USA ones are caught in the middle.Decent Armor but smaller,90mm aint that bad.And the speed is just great.Its the armor that lets them down.I saw a pershing once with that last gun it freaking destroyed a maus circling it too death :O.With a bit of hlp from an IS 3

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