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Latest Patch News: World of Tanks

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last update November 9, 2010

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v. - v. changelog:

- Added new tech-tree - American tanks. 22 tanks + 3 premium tanks. Also added American tank crews.
- Added two new maps: "Monastery" and "Sandy River".
- Removed "teleports" of tanks at great distances when aiming at them.
- Introduced advanced video settings.
- Now for the first battle of the day on each tank (24h) player will receive double experience.
- Fixed crash to the garage with 0 experience and credits.
- Fixed almost all cases when tank gets "stuck" in battle.

Balance of tank performance parameters and economy:
- Cost of gold consumables reduced by 50%.
- Increased effect of the following consumables "Chocolate", "Coca-Cola box", "Extra combat rations".
- Increased shell dispersion for SPGs by 10%.
- shell velocity decreased by 20% for all vehicles, including SPGs’ shells
- Increased repair costs: Hummel (15%), Ferdinand (10%), JagdTiger (20%), SU-8 (5%), S-51 (20%), SU-152 (20%), ISU-152 (10%), T-43 (10%), IS (15%).
- Reduce rate of ammo-rack burning for all tanks.
- Improved fire extinguishers: manual fire extinguisher = +25% to firefighting abilities, automatic fire extinguisher = +50% to firefighting abilities
- Added ability to pivot turn on a spot for tanks: Panther, VK3601H, Tiger, Tiger II.
- Increased VK1602 gun’s angle of depression by 4 deg..
- Increased tracks repair speed by 20% for VK1602.
- Rebalanced Pz38t: maneuverability, cross-country ability, turret rotation, accuracy, and aiming speed adjusted.
- Removed AP rounds from the default ammunition of 152mm gun BR-2.
- Fixed rate of fire for the stock guns of SU-152 (decreased) and ISU-152 (increased).
- Reduced traverse speed of SPG "Bison" by 3 deg/sec.
- Increased traverse speed of SPG SU-5by 8 deg/sec.
- Changes to Porsche_Deutz_Typ180_2 engine of the heavy tank 4502: increased horsepower to 840 h/p, switched to diesel, decreased chance of fire.
- Added match-making limitation on participation in high tier battles for tanks Valentine and T1 heavy.
- Minor balance fixes to tank performance parameters.

Damage models and game mechanics:
- Fixed "ricochet" message when the damage is inflicted.
- Set limitation on the distance of projectile movement inside the tank after the armor penetration. The limitation is set in order to reduce number of “was hit at the front and the engine got damaged”, etc.
- Increased normalization effect when shell penetration value is twice as much as armor thickness value or more.
- Fixed cases when projectile "disappears" after hitting the gun.
- Reduced randomization in armor-penetration and damage from 30% to 25%.
- Improved HE explosion: when exploding your HE on the static object near your tank, your tank will be damaged; when exploding your HE on the armor, the splash damage is distributed by the standard rules of splash damage.
- Fixed repair kit when repairing fuel-tank.
- Battle Hero "Steel Wall" is not awarded posthumously anymore.
- Battle Hero "Sniper": the rule "no less than 10 shots, no less than 80% hits" replaced with "more than 10 shots, no less than 85% hits".
- Fixed error with displaying reloading for guns with low rate of fire.
- Fixed error with counting hits when shooting at destroyed tanks.

Match-Making System:
- Balance-weight of tanks does not increase when in a platoon.
- Removed influence of modules on the balance-weight of a tank.
- Added one more battle tier for the high tier vehicles: HT 10,9,8,7; MT 8,7; SPG 5,6; TD 7,8,9.

- Fixed several places where tank can get stuck on the maps "Himmelsdof", "Prokhorovka", "Lakeville", "Pagorki".
- Fixed indestructible objects on the maps "Muranovka" and "Himmelsdorf".
- Fixed crash states and models of some objects.
- Added destruction of some objects.
- Removed the dog yelping when driving over the dog houses.
- Reduced size of textures of destroyed tanks.
- Optimized tank models for display at long distances.
- Tank Tiger I: redrawn tracks, fixed increased brightness of the 75mm in the second turret.
- Fixed mantlet of 10.5cm guns on tanks VK3001H and VK3601H.
- Fixed texture errors of the second turret of the VK3601H tank.
- Fixed tracks model of Tiger II tank.
- Fixed chassis model of SU-85B.
- Fixed black tracks texture of the crash-state for "Marder II".
- Fixed darkening of SU-5 guns at the far distance.

- Reworked platoon creation interface.
- Fixed error when not able to leave pre-battle room by invite.
- Fixed error with “non-rotational” destroyed vehicle in battle UI after the battle start.
- Added 2 tips.
- Marked non-demountable modules in the module list with "lock" icon.
- Added additional cursors.
- Simplified tanker's panel in the hangar. The addition information is now displayed when pointing at the tanker.
- Redesigned screens "Barracks", "Depot", "Store" to fit the general style.
- Now when pressing Esc while in "Barracks, "Depot", "Store", "Statistics", "Research", etc. you will exit into the hangar
- Fixed minor errors with re-education of the tank crew.
- Added tank description in the tank's info-window (so far only for soviet and german vehicles).
- Added crew description in the tank's info-window.
- You can now mark your tanks as prime/primary and it is displayed at the beginning of the garage tank scrolling selection lineup.
- Players, which haven't loaded into the map yet, now displayed with "connecting" status.
- When generating a new tank crew, they will always have different faces.
- Added additional statuses to the team lists in battle: connected to the battle, connected and in battle, destroyed and in battle, destroyed and left the battle.
- Added clarification on the cost of transfer of the free experience for the gold.
- Few fixes for vehicle research window.
- When buying consumables, it is possible to set amount of consumables to purchase.
- Crew members in the hangar and in the tank window in the battle are always displayed in the same order.
- Added tank control when holding down mouse wheel.
- Added voice messages when crew members injured.
- Fixed error: "When researching a module, the amount of free experience in the hangar header does not change".
- Fixed several interface errors in training room and invites.
- Added button "E" to disengage auto-aim.
- Removed possibility of bringing up marker "Attacking" on a destroyed enemy.
- Fixed display of several repair notification when pressing "Repair" button multiple times.
- Fixed cases of erroneous display of win and defeat percentages.
- Fixed texts on some interfaces.
- Added the elite-tank marking in the tank list in the hangar.
- Limit on display of number of medals increased from 99 to 999.
- Added description of the current battle mode under the button "Battle!".
- Fixed error with displaying medals/achievements counter.
- For SPG: moving mouse when RMB is pressed allows separating camera from reticule.
- Added button "Maximize" in the window mode. Added ability to change window size with a mouse.
- Multiple minor interface fixes and improvements.

- Improved grass visualization - grass color fits better to the color of landscape.
- Removed reticule fixation on some minor objects.
- Reduced possibility of displaying movement of destroyed tanks.
- Fixed tracks "jerking" effect when tracks moving.
- Fixed error with SPG tracers splitting mid-flight.
- Fixed sound of observation modules when they are being destroyed/repaired/damaged.
- Removed unused modules from the Store.
- Added new graphical post-effects.
- Renamed executable file to WorldOfTanks.exe
- Fixed error with displaying hanging sections of fences in some camera angles on different maps.
- Added caching of some sounds in order to decrease “twitching” when driving over destructible objects.

US tech tree

Projected timeline for v. at this moment:

- November 11, the update will be available for downloading prior to server update

Notice: v. current status: released for Russian version on October 30 

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