Saturday 2 October 2010

Halo Reach: Delivering Hope

Yes, I have started my blog off with a bad title.

Deliver Hope is the name of the trailer for the new Halo: Reach which is on our televisions worldwide right now where the valiant Spartan members of Noble Team attempt to deliver a bomb into the heart of a Covenant ship.

Bungie has added to the Halo franchise with Halo: Reach, set before the original Halo taking part on the planet Reach, Earth's last line of defense between the Covenant and Earth. The original Halo brought the old popular PC staple First Person Shooter (FPS) format to the consoles as a launch title with the original XBox itself.

Halo: Reach follows the exploits of Noble Team on the planet Reach, starting off by investigating a relay post which has stopped communicating. Noble Team investigate expecting to encounter a group of human insurgents taking over the relay post... infact, they find the Covenant.


Halo: Reach also introduces a lot into the multiplayer side of things which you'd expect from Bungie. More customisation, a better matchmaking system and superior community integration help to combine that great Halo gameplay with all new game modes including Invasion, a Spartans Vs. Elites duel, and Arena, an all out free-for-all where all that matters is the bragging rights.

Another introduction for Reach is the Armoury (sorry, Armory). Here players can spend credits on aestethic armour (err.. armor) customisations. It is also possible to set up pre-configured weapons loadouts so you can change weapons if you should die :)

Halo is a massive franchise enjoyed by XBox and XBox 360 gamers worldwise. Owners of the Playstation 3 must look at Halo and feel a little jealous that this gem of a series is not available to their console but I am sure the XBox 360 owners feel the same when looking at the PS3 and it's own unique franchises.

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To end my second blog, here is the Halo Reach: Deliver Hope HD trailer:

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